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Medical Conmed Equipment

is representative in Romania for MDoloris Medical Systems (HCWM) which develops, manufactures and commercializes technologies that reflects the changes in balance antinociceptive nociceptive of patient validated to date by a growing number of scientific publications.

After 23 years of academic research were launched two monitors:

  • NIPE Monitor (parasympathetic evaluation newborn child) - for use in patients aged up to 2 years

  • ANI Monitor (nociception Analgesics Index) - for use in patients aged over 2 years

  • Technology ANI / NIPE are based on variability analysis heart beat (IHRV), enabling the parasympathetic tone (parachute) of the patient. This technology allows clinicians to customize the administration of analgesic drugs to avoid underdosing and overdosing so therefore limiting a prolonged healing process.

    Medical Conmed Equipment is a distributor for various medical devices in the market of interventional cardiology, radiology, neurology, vascular surgery and electro-physiology.
    In a very competitive market Medical Conmed Equipment is distinguished by providing a broad range and complete innovative products of high quality, while focusing on new products and the market development, and the supply of accessories and upgrades of current technologies.


    Why Choose Us?

    • We see ourselves as a partner to the manufacturers of medical devices;
    • We remain in close contact with patients, physicians and the scientific community;
    • We capitalize on the strong network of distribution partners in order to market high quality, innovative and cost effective medical devices


    ANI Monitor

    NIPE Monitor



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