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ANI Monitor from Mdoloris Medical Systems

He was released after 23 academic research in the Clinical Investigation Center - Innovations and Technologies 'Biosensors & e-health', University Hospital of Lille, France, a laboratory of the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) for innovations.
Continuous analgesia monitoring system ANI®, for use in the medical field both in adults and children aged over two years, consciously or unconsciously, providing patient care by monitoring nerve activity through the acquisition of data from EKG signals.


ANI Monitor

It is a complex monitoring technology for use as an adjunct to clinical judgment.
ANI® Technology, before being a pain monitoring system is a monitoring system parasympathetic tone, which is part of the autonomic system (ANS), informing us about the condition of comfort or discomfort of the body, meaning the occurrence of pain or stress that may be of cellular or surgery.
ANI technology is based on the variability analysis heart beat (IHRV), enabling the patient’s parasympathetic tone. Each respiratory cycle induce a temporary fall in ANS tone parasmpatic, which can be measured by normalized RR series by the resulting amplitude of “respiratory pattern”.
ANI index is expressed on a scale between 0 and 100. It offers reading parasympathetic tone in the proportion of ANS. ANI display measurement result of the calculation is performed for 64 seconds with a 1 second window moving
A patient who is described as “quiet” / “has a comfortable condition” will have a dominant parasympathetic tone, ie an index 50-70 year period when general anesthesia or conscious when over 50, while when experiencing acute pain ANI index falls below 50 due to its sympathetic tone activation parallel with a decrease parasympathetic tone.
This technology allows clinicians to customize the administration of analgesic drugs to avoid underdosing and overdosing so therefore limiting a prolonged healing process in conjunction with a state of the patient.
ANI calculation is based on the variability of ECG intervals. ANI monitor is not a EKG monitor, in this case electrodes were designed to remove the information related with the QRS complex. Purchasing a cardiac vector is sufficient to obtain a calculation ANI.
Electrodes are compounds of a device of two parts: a sensor and a dual single sensor connected together by an electric wire. The sensor itself is divided into two areas. One of them is a adhesive area and the other active region which is covered with a conductive gel. The principle of the two sides of the patch will be placed on each side of the heart (such on either side of the chest) to obtain a cardiac vector (vector axis according to the position of the reference average heart anatomy is: forward, downward, left). In this case we can apply dual sensor on a hairless area of the sensor above your chest and one on the left side of the abdomen.





ANI Monitor is intended for use in operating theaters and ICU wards.


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