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Medical ConMed Equipment operates as distributor and agent for various medical devices within the Interventional Cardiology, Radiology, Neurology, Vascular Surgery and Electrophysiology market. In the very competitive market of medical devices, Medical ConMed Equipment distinguishes itself by providing a broad and complete range of innovative, high quality products while focusing on new product and market development, as well as enhancements and upgrades of current technologies. Vital in the client relationship management program of Medical ConMed Equipment is customer involvement in research and development projects. Medical ConMed Equipment supports the efforts of the medical community to constantly improve the quality of care. This is done by a persistent and profitable effort to identify and make available innovative solutions to clinical problems in Interventional Cardiology, Radiology, Neurology and other minimally invasive therapies.


Medical ConMed Equipment is recognized by both customers and suppliers in the field of minimal invasive therapy as a main switchboard in and an indispensable part of the medical “value chain”. This position is perpetuated by offering a diversified range of innovative, high quality products that match the specific customer needs. Using its extensive sales network to bring together manufacturers and distributors of medical devices matching and optimizing the needs of the different customers (Private and Public Hospitals, University Medical Centers and direct to patients) in the large-scale Interventional Cardiology, Radiology and Neuro market has become Medical ConMed Equipment core business activity.
Meanwhile our main business activities in the Interventional Cardiology market of medical devices include:
    • Match the needs of manufacturers, distributors and customers;
    • Act as distributor for high quality medical devices of main quality manufacturers;
    • Participate in innovative Research and Development programs;
    • Market research and business development;
    • Financial participation and risk-sharing;
    • Consulting and auxiliary activities


Company Mission and Values

Medical ConMed Equipment strives to improve the quality of life of patients with a cardiovascular disease by providing and developing innovative and high quality devices in the Interventional Cardiology market.
As we move forward, innovation and quality will remain the keys to our success. Innovation is the fuel that drives our growth, while quality will be the highest priority for our company. Together, our company will be dedicated to providing innovative and effective medical technologies and services; encouraging new treatment alternatives; and working for better, more cost-effective health care for people in our focused markets. Our mission and vision is the start to our success and is based on 3 pillars:

    • We see ourselves as a partner to the manufacturers of medical devices;
    • We remain in close contact with patients, physicians and the scientific community;
    • We capitalize on the strong network of distribution partners in order to market high quality, innovative and cost effective medical devices